Susanna Wesley Day School Classes

Infants & Toddlers


(6 weeks – 23 months)

We believe that children in this age range learn best through purposeful play. Our staff will plan opportunities for your student to explore and discover through hands on experiences. 

Teachers will lead the students with art, songs & fingerplays, dramatic play, blocks, gross-motor play and sensory play. Teachers will focus on helping students with mobility, communication and introduction to cognitive skills; such as, following simple 1-step directions and learning colors and shapes.



We believe this is a very important age for students to become more socially aware. Students will have opportunities to work play with their peers. 

Teachers will assist the students in communicating their feelings, sharing toys, manners and following simple directions. Teachers will also provide opportunities for cognitive learning through manipulatives, songs and fingerplays, sensory play, literacy, math, science and art.

Students will begin to potty train in our Twos Program. Potty training is required to be completed before the student moves on to the Three’s Program. 

Threes & Pre K


At this age, students will be exposed to a more class-like atmosphere to begin to prepare them for Kindergarten. 

Teachers will lead structured activities in math, science, social skills, literacy and crafts. Students will begin to recognize letters, letter sounds, numbers and sight words. Students will also participate in learning centers and gross-motor play.

All students entering the Threes Classes are required to be fully potty trained. 

Bridge Program


In our Bridge Program, students will be introduced to Kindergarten. The teachers will follow the Texas Education Agency’s recommended Texas Kindergarten Guidelines. The Bridge Program is intended for families of students that have completed a Pre-Kindergarten program and feel the student needs additional time in a private school setting before going into public school.

Specialty Program


Students in our Threes, Pre-K and Bridge classes will go to a Specialty Class every day. This class is intended as an enrichment program where students can be exposed to other subjects like: Spanish, Physical Education, Music or Cooking. Specialty subjects may be different year to year.  

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