Sunday School Classes

Cannon Class


We are an eclectic group of older adults who study God's Word in various ways.  We often use videos, discussion and invite guest teachers.  All are welcome here as you can see in the picture above taken during a recent class where the youth joined us in our study!

New Beginnings Class


We are a recently formed class of older Generation X and Younger Baby Boomers who gather on Sunday mornings to fellowship and discuss biblical as well as topical studies that are relevant to our daily lives.  Our class has both single and married participants who are mostly empty nesters.  Being the hands and feet of Jesus is an important part of our purpose and consequently, we take a day to do service projects between studies.  We have done everything from yard work to teaching children's Sunday school!

Reflectors Class


For those in their 30's and 40's looking to connect and form faithful relationships through Bible study, fellowship and service.  The studies range from biblical to topical and often include great conversations.  We are a "Come as you are," and "Come when you can" Sunday School community.

Saints Alive Class


Our class is home to all ages, but mainly Baby Boomers who join together Sunday mornings to study, share the Bible, and Christian life.  We use multi-media (DVD studies, Power Point) from contemporary authors such as Adam Hamilton, Andy Stanley, John Ortberg and others.  We freely share questions and opinions, growing in faith while respecting each other.  Come join our fellowship as we continue to grow in our Christian lives.

Seekers of the Word Class


Our class is open to anyone who wishes to study the Bible.  We primarily use a workbook from Intervarsity Press.  During the year from September to May we study various books of both the Old and New Testaments.  We welcome all ages but generally range from 40's to 70's.  Discussion is encouraged.  We truly attempt to live up to our name Seekers.