Ready For Take-Off

Sermon Series: Ready For Take-Off


September 8, 2019 to October 6, 2019



Fasten Your Seatbelt

September 8, 2019

Romans 8:31-39

When the flight attendant tells you to fasten your seat belt, it is to keep you secure during take off and landing, and when there is turbulence along he journey.  Our faith in Jesus is where we find that security in our lives as Christ Followers.  At the beginning of our journey, it is faith that helps us turn away from the world and its sorrows and to turn to the hope and promise we have in Christ.  At the end of our journey, it is Jesus who leads us home for all eternity.  And along the way, it is the security of our relationship with Him that enables us to face anything that comes against us, for we are His and no other power can change that.


Turn Off Your Devices


September 15, 2019

Philippians 3:12-21

When the flight attendant tells you to turn your devices off on take off or landing, it is so the random signals of many devices won’t interfere with the signals of flight control. Likewise, in our spiritual lives there are the influences of the world that can keep us from focusing on the main pursuit of bringing honor and glory to God and on the life in 

Him we are supposed to live. So lets stay focused on the main thing, our relationship with Jesus Christ, where we will find true joy and peace and strength for the journey of life.


Find Your Nearest Exit

September 22. 2019

John 14:1-6

In case of an emergency landing, it is important to know the nearest path to exiting the plane so the flight attendants take a moment to make sure you know where yours is before taking off. Spiritually speaking, do you know where your exit is located? There really is only one…through Jesus Christ who died for our sins that we might have abundant and eternal life. The world offers all sorts of other solutions to the problems of our lives…self-reliance, drugs and alcohol, popularity, wealth…but those paths will only lead to heartache and loss. But through Jesus there is real life…now and for all eternity. 


Put On Your Own Mask Before Helping Others

September 29, 2019

Deuteronomy 6:1-12

Should there be a sudden change in pressure, oxygen masks will drop in front of you so you can have oxygen to breathe. The flight attendant warns you to put on your own mask first, and the then help your children put on theirs. Why? Because if you are not secure, you will not be able to help anyone else. There are two messages here, both of which we need to know in our spiritual lives. First: We must be prepared with the Word of God in our hearts and lives first. We cannot be ready to share the Word if we don’t have it first. Second: We must pass that Word on to our children and youth so that they, too, will be prepared to face the cares and pressures of life. 


Enjoy Your Flight

October 6, 2019

John 15:9-17

Having prepared us for the things we might face during the flight, the flight attendant makes one last statement: “Sit back and enjoy your flight and please let me know if you need anything.” Jesus also reminds us that He has prepared us for life so that we might have full lives of joy and, in that joy, can bear fruit as we share our faith and offer Christ to the world. And if we have need, he also reminds us He is with us…all we have to do is ask. So…its time for us to take flight, and to reach out in love and hope to all who need to know Jesus or who need a church family. Let us live our mission in the Joy of Christ Jesus!